Jadon , I'm so happy you found this page... I still remember clearly the last time I saw you and held you in my arms.

You were 6 months old.  I took this photo in Guelph, Ontario, Canada


We had a short visit that day, however I will never forget the time we had together. As I left your house, I didn't know that it would be that last time I would see you!! 

It is so hard to think of how things have turned out for us. I often avoid the thoughts, the what if’s because I wish you were here and that things were different, but here we are , super far away from each other for time being.

It would be really nice if you would come and visit one day, so many people know and pray for you, others that want to meet you and be part of your life as well..we all miss you!!

I'm very sorry that at the time I could not forsee that people close to you were planning to take you away for their own selfishness. I am very sorry that I was not able to stop this from happening to you.


I know you may find this situation very awkward , I feel the same son.... just the fact that we are so far away from each other, all the time we have not being around each other surely you have lots of questions and wonder why this happened. 

One day, you'll hear my side of the story with all the details and you will find some answers. Surely you have been told many things about me, but you will know the right decision to make on that.

These were not the plans I had for you and I.

I always wanted to be around you, build our own memories, but even if that is not possible for now, I look forward to the day when this will change Jadon.

I promise you that one day it WILL and we will see each other face to face again. I miss you Jadon, so much time has passed.....

I want you to know that I have never stopped thinking about you and having faith that one day I will get to give you a big hug again. Time goes fast, you are getting to be a grown man. 

Jadon, I love you very much and that you are always in my heart and even though we may not see or can be around each other at this moment, one day for sure we will, in the meantime, I'll be here waiting for you!!


Love, DAD